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Want to own a vacation rental property…

Or, a second home?

Advisory and Consultations A-Z, from analyzing the return on investment, finding your home, property management, design and everything in between.

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Choose Your Property and Expertise Wisely

Offering you expertise and properties from a veteran of hospitality, design, property management and a licensed real estate broker. We locate the best property for you, can advise on furnishing and getting it market ready, set up operating logistics to get you bookings. Your one stop shop for a successful airbnb or VRBO!

Making Ownership Easy

Location and Ordinances

It is important to select a location and property that allows short term rental properties to operate. Some of the ordinances are by city, county or districts. We do the research and compile the options for you to ensure you are legal and compliant.

Competitive Analysis

What is ADR and OCC? The competitive analysis on Average Daily Rate and Occupancy within the market of where you would like a vacation rental home is critical to know so that you can know the market and set expectations. Also it is important to know the pricing analysis on home itself so that you buy smart from a licensed broker.


Furnishing and logistics set up of a successful vacation rental property is very different than decorating and living in your own home. You’ll want to understand par levels on linen, quality standards, lock systems, apps for management and engine booking companies. We have a turnkey solution for you and we do the heavy lifting if you desire.